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Just Some Questions ...

Questions already answered intended for the Final Exam sa akong maidlot na Koya Kristian para sa ilang Rizal's Works na subject.. hehe! :)) My price? So far, I got an icecream for this! I'm still waiting for more icecreams coming! HAHA! Oh well, it's a selfless act. I'm not really that someone who would just give a help for the sake of something in return or benefits.. hihi. :D And glory to God, he did pass the subject!:)

1.) What a mother is, so should her child become?

          - We are all given an intellect to know what is good or bad, and the will to pursue the choices that we’ve made in our lives. I believe that it doesn’t matter who or what your parents are that defines your character and personality. Maybe it is just one of the contributory factors that mold a person. But having it mandated is another story. It would be like you’re raising a robot-like child, not a real child at all.

2.) Ignorance is bondage because like mind, like man.

          - When you put the person in captivity, you are obstructing him from all his rights. Likewise, the person who is ignorant, without knowledge, is unconscious about his rights and therefore would be weak and/or incapable of defending himself. This makes the person living in bondage.

3.) The country cannot expect honor and prosperity as long as the education of the child is defective.

          - Education is very much significant especially for a developing country to achieve a stronger economy. If the education of the child is substandard, then we cannot expect him to bring honor and prosperity to the nation. In order to attain those, global competitiveness is essential. To be globally competitive, proper and right education should be acquired.

4.) Rizal is a reluctant revolutionary.

          - Rizal is not a reluctant revolutionary. He just don’t want to fight with the use of a sword and kill many lives of people like what other revolutionaries do; instead he used his gift of intellect in writing and fought with the use of a pen.

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