Martes, Pebrero 14

You Are Worth Waiting For

"You Are Worth Waiting For"
A Valentine Symposium 
February 14, 2012

Everyone is in aghast upon celebrating this month's highlight, the Valentine's Day. However, what is really the essence of celebrating this kind of occasion? This is not just about the romantic love for boyfriend-girlfriend relationships but it's also about the love for our self. We are precious and we do not just put it in our minds but have it acted out. We put it into life. Something that is being waited is valuable, great, and wonderful.  We are worth waiting for by the truth that Jesus Christ died for us. His amazing love let us live at this very moment. We are even worth dying! So, why waste the time on the wrong ones when you can live wonderfully and beautifully forever with the right one that God has given for you? God wants the best for us. All we just have to do is to TRUST and WAIT... 

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