Biyernes, Marso 9

Weird Feeling of Pain

As far as I know, I am over him. I don't have feelings for him anymore and all I have now is just a memories of him that, I know will never happen again. I have accepted everything between us. The promises we made for each before were already long forgotten and removed from my inner core! I am aware of my feelings and I've been assessing everything of me since the day I have decided to let go of him. Love is indeed a decision. Ergo, I am also confident that unloving a person is also part of that decision. That part was done! I already made a decision of unloving and getting him out of my system. I am confident on that part. Whenever I see him or meet him by chance on the road, I don't feel any tremble or become anxious. It seemed like everything is back to normal! The very thing that I am desiring since the day I let go of him is that I want to regain and get back that same old Jessa who is unmindful about love, unmindful of having a boyfriend, single, and boisterously happy! And I know I have reached that desire. I am contented of being me, being with my family and friends. I may admire another person but limitations are set. I am sailing my own boat  smoothly and  I am aware of any possible danger I will be getting to.  I sensed it! I am not that kid as I was before. I have reached the next stage of maturity.

Yet suddenly, a certain feeling has got my sincere attention. I don't know why and how but I felt pain the moment I saw that person once again ...

But whatever this is, it will surely come to pass ...

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