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My Sentiment for this Act (RA 6655)

RA 6655
Free Public Secondary Education Act of 1988

RA 6655 tells about the policy of the State to provide for a free public secondary education to all qualified citizens and to promote quality education at all levels. The significance of this act is that it gives an opportunity to every Filipinos, especially the young ones, to be educated and be taught about basic instructions and lifelong learning that are being taught and done during elementary years and most especially during secondary or high-school years. It is in this stage wherein the student or the adolescent will be exposed to many different encounters that will enhance and develop his skills. The school then plays a very important role in this stage. As we have noticed, some of our fellows suffer from poverty and they can even hardly send their children to school. This act will help them to be productive because in our society nowadays, it is very difficult to prosper financially when we lack education.

The government is therefore right upon implementing this republic act, because if not with this, there would still be many Filipinos who will be suffering from poverty, indolence, and non-productiveness. Naturally, we are raised to be competitive in all ways, and through education we are being helped upon reaching our goals in life and to become competitive not just locally but globally. Secondary education may be taken for granted by many but actually, it’s somewhat the minimum requirement for a person to be hired in a job.

If I am to recommend more from this certain act, it would be much better if all fees, including those ID fee, miscellaneous fee, and others will be all free. Yes, a school still needs financial assistance from the community but it is the government who will be providing for those. In order to achieve this, a more stable economy should be present and an honest government official should be working on hand.

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