Lunes, Hunyo 11

The Common Ground of Friendship

It’s nice to befriend with everybody. I mean, you are not just stuck with one group of friends. You open yourself to the opportunity of knowing more people and experiencing their attitudes, similarities and differences, and you got to broaden your set of connections through the people you befriend with.

I have had many experiences of going out with people whom I am not really comfortable to be with: intimidating people, or a group which I cannot truly fit in. What I usually do is to withdraw from them because I can’t see any reason to stay. But as I journey along with my life and encounter more people that somehow influenced my thinking, I believe that a group or friendship wouldn’t last long if they don’t have a common ground, something they believe generally, something that drives them closer together to build a stronger and firmer relationship towards one another, and that something I mean is someone like Jesus Christ. Jesus is the common ground that makes every relationship stronger, better, and worthwhile. Moreover, as what I have learned and actually experienced, when you have drawn yourself nearer to God, your number of friends multiply over and over.

It’s nice being with people who shares a common interest as yours, someone whom you feel compatible with, but it’s nicer to be with people who are a total opposite of you but your relationship towards one another grows stronger because of that common ground you both have, JESUS. Because when you don't have Jesus, you don't have anything in common AT ALL ... 

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