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A Glimpse of Sad Thought About Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! 

Altogether we sang this every time someone is celebrating their birthday. Everyone there must be happy, right? And that includes, of course, the celebrant who should be the happiest upon celebrating one's birthday. But when it comes to mine, I feel a little oppositely as my birthday arrives. Yes, I am happy because God has given me another year, another life, another chance to prove myself and to continue my purpose in this terrestrial. But sometimes, when I try to compare my birthday celebration to the others it just feels different. I'm not saying that I am jealous or something like that but I wonder so much how they feel being the center of attention of everybody and everyone is just so much on hand upon the preparations and the surprises they are going to make for the birthday celebrant. Me, myself even gets hysterical every time my friend or somebody close to me will be celebrating his/her birthday. I participate every time some of my friends would initiate surprises for the celebrant. I would contribute something so that it will become more memorable birthday celebration for them, but afterwards I ask myself "Would there be like this on my birthday?"... Maybe it's called envy, but it's not particularly to the person but the happening. I'm envious because they got to experience birthdays they never thought would happen: a surprise, everyone busied them selves just to prepare for something on their birthday, given their time, effort, and money just to make it memorable. I wonder it won't happen to me anymore. I mean, I have birthday celebrations but it's not as important to somebody else except for my family who would really be there preparing foods so that we could have something to share with even if it's not much. Well, this is just one of the moment I have to stick to that quote, as I paraphrase it, "We should not lean or expect too much to people because they are limited and in their lives, you may not be as important to them as you thought you were." God can only sustain that because He is the God and everything to Him is possible.

Now, I am already used to it. I don't even think I would still be surprised or get exhilarated when, after this, some people would plan a surprise for my birthday. I mean, I'm used to being all secluded during my birthday. And at the very least, I learned that it's good not to expect so much to people, even if they are the closest friends of yours because in this world, sometimes people have ratings to who is the most favorite to the least favorite, or most important to the least important. 

And hey! It's not entirely my life issue I am talking here, it's just the birthday celebration thingy.  :) Am I too dramatic? Well, who cares? This is my blog and I can do anything with it. I can post whatever I like because it's my pleasure and it helps me make myself feel good. 

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