Linggo, Pebrero 5

Rising from the Ashes of Sendong's Destruction

It was hard, really. Death, devastation, and even the lose of hope were strikingly brought by this raging calamity. Yet, as I was roaming around the affected areas, what I saw was the reverse of what I expected. So many people are still able to smile while cleaning up the messes brought by the typhoon. How could this be?

The phenomenon is still evident in our mind. It happened nine days before Christmas when people were busy attending Christmas parties, wrapping Christmas gifts, and hurrying up to the grocery store during midnight sales to buy food preparations for the up-coming Noche Buena. Unknowingly, we are just being complacent to everything during those times. Little did we know that a life-changing catastrophe is about to happen.

After a day when the calamity happened, people were then very busy packing up goods that can be of help to those who are flood victims. What made me really touched was the sentiment of a small kid saying, “I want to help these people.” If a small kid like that understands the situation and wants to help, how much more I am and what more I can do. Hastily, I packed some good old clothing I have and donated it. The talk of the incident spread worldwide and even neighboring and far countries extended their help for the typhoon “Sendong” victims. The spirit of Christmas was strong in the air, as people willingly gave of themselves in order to help those in need: donating foods, clothes, and money, repacking and distributing of goods, feeding program, medical mission, and all of it were visibly seen everywhere. Instead of frowning, victims of the flood smiled for the joy that they received from the generous hearts of people who are of unselfish dedication and service. The giving of help may not obliterate the dreadfulness that these typhoon victims have experienced but at least it will help them alleviate the burden, and maybe help them rise from the ashes.

It is good to know and see that we unite and help each other through all these things. As it was being said, “Sino-sino pah ba ang mag tutulungan kundi tayo-tayo lang”, right? This happening may shaken us, sadden us, and would probably bring us down, but the joy that comes from the love of God within will not cease us from fighting back and to prove that we are victorious. “The brightest of lights shines in the darkest of times”, all we have to do now is to accept that everything happens for a reason, life must go on, and someday we will appreciate all these hardships we are dealing in the moment. We will rise! We will rise from these ashes!

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