Linggo, Oktubre 9

Excruciatingly Missing

How crazy it feels to miss you
Even lonesome and tears can’t undo
The tears roll down on the pillow
Like a glimpse of a splash of a hallow
Every night of everyday like this
Until I see the person I miss

Looking out the window
Hoping for you to come and show
But sadness and tears go bound
Because no you I see around
If I could just let this go like a rain
Then I’d surely heal the pain

Let me feel you
Oh, how I wanted to dream about you
Holding hands walking to nowhere
And embrace you with no fear
If only I could let my imagination come true
I will make it colorful with all hue

Words unsaid, feelings unexpressed
All brought me up to this mess
Open my eyes and let me see
The beauty I used to seek
To the banging wind and careless whisper
Right into the arms of my lover.

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