Linggo, Oktubre 9

The Reverse

              Early afternoon in a student’s patio               
                             I bring with me my radio                               
            A tender love song hummed my ear             
And felt so sleepy, I just can’t bear

Then there it goes, my eyes went close   
With a think of him as my heart proposed
How great it feels to sleep like this
And dream of him ‘coz he’s all I miss

“If you love me, tell me and let me feel it
So that I know I’m worth it
But if not, gently make a whisper
Even if it won’t make my heart prosper

I know it’s not easy
But things have just been so quirky
I love you but you’re aggravated
It hurts to be unwanted
My life has been so attached with you
But I sense no more care from you”

Tears just came falling
As much as I prevent it but I couldn’t
I love him that much
I need him so much
If only I could make this all stop

A sudden shrugged on my shoulder wakes me up
And a quick hug shocked me from my back
“I love you so much
I miss you that much
Time has been so villain
To let us be away for this long
But now I’m here, let’s spend each day again”

Hearing those words have given me relief
For it’s my love I believe.
A love in you that’s in me
Always will be reality
Nightmares could never break me
For I know dreams are the reverse of reality.

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