Martes, Oktubre 11

Study? or Not? Oh dear! =/

Oh my! Why do I have to feel so sluggish everytime I start studying. I hate the feeling of wanting to sleep or rest or wanting to do something else as I am beginning to study! My goodness!

See?? haha! Narcissistic, vain, proud, egotistical, or whatever terms you may label! I am suffering from it and I don't know what to cure.. ;/

Oh God, I know you're always there for me.. Please help recover from these useless things I am doing right now. I know I have to get ready for my exam tomorrow. Lord, I entrust everything to you! 

I know I am blessed and favored by you God! Thank you that you'll gonna help me through this things.

I have to study! and I have to study well.. I don't want to regret so hard for the things that I did not do or for the things I did not put forth an effort. 

Study! Study! Study! Study! Study! Study! Study! Study! Study! Study!

OKAY ...

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