Linggo, Oktubre 9

Just How Good a Goodbye Can Be

I was a bit confused why I don’t really feel so much bitterness and pain since I have decided to break up and give up on you. I guess and maybe because it’s always been like this. I mean, I get used to it. Or maybe because I know and I believe that it was not my fault why we end up like this. Things were still pretty in order and I still got do things in a proper way. Unlike the first time that my heart was broken, when I can barely sleep and I can’t concentrate to the things that I’m doing. Maybe now, my heart has accepted the fact that it can’t be us anymore. We’ve tried a second chance but it didn’t work out.
I got to feel like you just want me to be hurt. Why? To be able to revenge all the pain I’ve caused you before? Well, I believe in karma and I’ve passed that already from the first moment I gave up on you. However, I think it will not be fair anymore if I let you continue hurting me so decided to take risk and now for the second and last time, I now call it the end.
I have loved you with all my heart most especially the second time around. But you have just wasted this kind of love of mine. I just hope that someone will be able to love you as much as I did.
Honestly now, I can’t feel any pain or hurt inside me, because now I know and I believe that what I did is just right. Letting go of you is just right so that I would prevent myself from further pain.
I’m still not closing any doors between us as much as I don’t want to conclude an ending statement. Though, now I just want to live my life in peace and heart-ache free. If it’s us, destiny will make a way to find us and let our paths crossed once again to build a new love. Yet, if it’s not us, then destiny itself will find its way to make us apart.
Thank you for the things you’ve done for me. One thing that I will surely not regret is the memorable experiences that will serve as a sweet memory and a wonderful learning.

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