Linggo, Oktubre 9

An explanation for You!

You may be wondering why I have to make this decision. Honestly, it’s a damn hard thing to do. I think of it most of the time. I might regret this in the end but at the very least, I tried and after all, the most important thing would be the learning I will get from this experience.
Present decisions would always affect our future. As much as possible and preventable, I want an enough period of time to be away from you. When I say away I mean no forms of communication at all. This is pretty hard but I really just have to do this or else I might lose you in the end. As much as possible, I don’t want myself to be so much attached to the person I feel affection for because I’ve learned that it’s one way of hurting yourself so much when that person is gone. I also don’t want myself to get used to the pretty cute things that we’ve been doing because I might regret and hurt myself if it’s being taken away from me.
We are weird. We have weird relationship, and I’m feeling weird about you. Quirky, right? I can’t even figure out what you are to me and what I am to you.
Like words in a sentence that needs space to be understood, we also need space to understand each other and to understand even ourselves if we are truly into each other.
I’ve learned and realized that if we are meant to be together, love will find its way to make us happy and be with each other. Otherwise, destiny itself will find every possible ways just to make us be away from each other. I believe in destiny and I believe in God. If it’s not meant to be, then maybe God has a special purpose why two people meet and let each other feel the gift of love but break each other’s heart as the time comes. Maybe God just wants us to learn something from it so that the next time that he will at last be giving the right person for us, we will not be doing the same mistake again. When somebody’s gone, surely there would come another one who could fill out the emptiness that the previous one had brought you, the one who could make you feel happier more than anyone you know, and the one who could fight and defend his feelings towards you, someone better.
“Even if it hurts one must move on and let go, because that’s the time true love will find its way...”

            I wrote this just already a long time ago. It's when I felt that I have to let out what I am feeling that very moment. This one's for him whom I had broken relationship with. You have to move on now. It may hurt, yes but that's just the best things you have to do. :D

After all, we can still be friends if you want to. That is, IF you want to. :)

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