Biyernes, Agosto 5

Got to Renew Everything! :))

Well, it's been a very long time since I got to update and share new things and new ideas in my life. I've got a lot of revelations, chikas, news, stories and the like! I admit I've had tough times during the times that I've became so silent. I had painful experiences that have now become a memory. I've gone through moving on and forgetting things. I'ver been to sleepless nights and crying moments. Nevertheless, I am very proud to say that I HAVE PASSED THE SHAKENING MOMENTS OF MY LIFE. Yes, it was really painful and hard but as time goes by, I was healed. Really, "Time heals". I was surprised when I've got to read the posts on my blog and as I was assessing my feeling I said, "Oh yeah, I've gone through it! alas!". 

Now, I'm back and I am so back to the old me! The "Jessa" being happy, funny, lovely, optimistic, jocund, and pretty! Oh yeah! :D 

A mess becomes a MESSage, and a test becomes a TESTimony!

I am very happy now being with my family, true friends, crushes, and of course with GOD! Being with him is such an overwhelming feeling. I love how it feels when me and my friends talk about Him and share good things God have made for us. I love my life now and I'll be simultaneously loving it 'till the rest of my life when I know I have GOD on my side. He's always been there, 24 hours, all day and night, wherever I am, whatever I am going through, and whoever I have become. HE loves me for whoever I am, whatever I've become, and whoever I will be. I am glad to have God in my life. ALL IS WELL with him! By just believing that He is there, He would always be there. 


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