Sabado, Abril 2

March 26, 2011, Saturday, around 7:30 pm

How could I forget this date. It was a very memorable day for me. For a long time of not communicating with each other that much, he asked me to hang out with him on the mall. He bought snacks for me and we went roaming around the mall, window shopping, and whatever!
We went to the arcade area (World of Fun) and we play video car racing and also basketball. I am very happy during that time. 
We also went to different stores and had window shopping. He also tried fitting shirts while I choose every shirt he will try. I judged about his outfit, what's best for him, and laugh about it after..
We also went to a department store where various chippy things are there. He was looking for a summer outfit but we found none. He saw a stool full of for sale tiny shoes for babies and he suggested to buy a pair of it for us two. I was a bit ''kilig'' about it. The saleslady then walk towards us and asked what size is the feet of our baby! lol. The lady thought we're married couple shopping for the outfit of our baby. It was funny though! Then, we bought a pair of those cutie little shoes and I sewed a twine so that we could have it as key chain.
Right then, when we're about to go, we hiked from LimKetkai mall until MUST but we still want to spend longer time with each other that's why we walked from MUST until Gaisano where the passenger van I am riding to home. However, when we reached Gaisano, it's past 9pm already so there were already no van in the alley. We waited there for about 20 minutes and we decided after for me to just ride on a jeep. So, we hiked again from Gaisano until MOGCHS where I got to ride on a jeep. We do spend a longer time that night but it seemed so short for me. I'm very happy that time and it was really memorable day for me. I realized how much I missed him and loved him. However, whatever good things happened, I still should have be cautious. :)

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