Huwebes, Oktubre 27

No Love-life but Loving Life!

Haha! I just can't really imagine my old self went on a very difficult situation and that is--- Moving on. Well, I thank God I was able to get through it! That was too dramatic and traumatic, in a way. :D lol

When I have finally get over with that someone, I have said to myself "Oh! Thanks! At least I've learned so that the next time, I'd be cautious to someone like you!" I'm not angry though, but I'm totally in a very high feeling in which I want to take things as positive  as they really should be.

Actually, I have moved on for so long already. I mean, I have let go of that someone   long before we had our break up. Maybe, I am just really that concerned on how the other will feel that's why I have decided to feign that I still care, that I'm still into him, that I have not moved on yet. However, when things are finally over, and I don't have grudges to keep in my luggage, I'm FREE and it's really a very very nice feeling!

I love that feeling in which you are living your life even without that person whom you thought you needed the most. It's better to be alone than to be with them yet you still feel alone and isolated.

Now, I'm really enjoying what life has got for me. I don't have a love-life, yet I am LOVING LIFE. I am enjoying each and every moment of it. God really has in stored so much for me! HE will never get something without replacing something better and even the best! All we just have to do is to TRUST HIS WAYS. His plans are even more bigger than ours. So, keep believing!

The best  is yet to come! :)

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