Sabado, Oktubre 22

Serenity of Sadness

There are times in our life that we experience downfall, storm, chaos, and tears. Life, as it is, is not forever happiness. We always encounter trouble, and tear-bursting happenings.

As for me, I wonder how I am keeping myself happy, alive, and even crack a joke at times. I guess that’s also what makes me simply amazing. However, I know that at the end of the day I would still be alone and then there will I really get to uncover the true me and the things I am struggling inside. Yes, people especially my closest friends could identify that there is something wrong with me but neither of them could understand what it could be about when I don’t say it. People really can understand what we’re going through but neither of them could feel the same way we’re feeling. As much as I can I would try to be secretive of those things disheartening me. I don’t want people know every saddest update of my life because they would never get the point. I can only share what makes me happy as I believe that happiness is contagious and I want to transmit a good vibes upon my colleagues because I want them to remember me that way. On the other hand, there are also times when I would get that strength enough for telling just bits of what I am going through. Though not all, but it helps me a lot.

Life needs life and sharing is one way of making life a life. I share my story, yes, but I know not everyone of you get exactly what I am referring about. Well, I still am thankful for I need not the supportive yet complicating mindset but merely the understanding and companionship.

Well, there's really nothing wrong if we could have a glimpse for a while of our faces in sadness, naive, or merely blank. =/

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