Linggo, Abril 15

My Past Remains As Is

My past is my past. It made me who I am I have no regrets
, wouldn't change a thing. I just don't live there anymore...

I may have been hurt so much before, cried a bunch of tears, gone through sleepless nights thinking of that jerkbut one thing that I always keep in mind during those times is that "Every painful experiences you have today will surely be just a funny memories you will be reminiscing tomorrow..." And truly, it is! Now, I was just enjoying my dull moments remembering all the tears I've been through before and I'm like "Lol! Did I really say that? How come I've been like that! AHAHAHA! I've gone insane! lol" I spend each retrospect moments laughing, thinking of some more, and going through something I never realized before. It's true that you won't be able to grasp the learning that you will be getting from those sad experiences you're going through unless you have accepted everything of it. You've accepted that not everything will go the way you planned it, not everyone are able to do the way you expected them to do, and not all the time that everything will favor you. You also have to keep in mind that nothing in this world is ours to keep. Everything will fade away, people come and go, and they will eventually leave us hanging, unknowing what are we going to do to save our selves from being so depressed. We became so helpless, we feel like we're weak, and it's like your world is crashing down leaving you nothing but tears.

Whatever saddest things you're going through, remember that you're not the only one who is encountering such. It feels better when you know that someone is going through the same, right? So, think that way. Think that you're not alone, somebody out there is also going through the same, more difficult and heart breaking than yours, and think that someday you will thank all these experiences and the people behind it for they have taught you something very important in life. They may not be there to journey along with you, because they are not meant to stay anyway, but the least thing that you can do for yourself is to accept it and let that person go. In that way, you are giving the right person an opportunity to come and take over to journey along with you, not just temporarily but for keeps.

 A thought to ponder:
 When you keep on finding some things, they don't show up. If you rest your self and stop looking for it, before you know it, it's there

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