Lunes, Abril 9

Not Getting Any Younger

Wow! I never really thought how fast the time is until I have finally celebrated my 19th birthday! It seemed like I am already half a way to bid goodbye to my teenage years. Oh well, not seemed, I am really, truly, and indeed near to that! The next thing? When I get 20, I will make sure that I am still a teen, I mean TWENTEEN... haha! On the other hand, I think it's already a call, an awakening for me to become more matured in handling life and everything. I may not be that good enough in accordance to people's judgment and criticism but I will forever be grateful to all the things that I am doing and will be doing because I live not to please men but to please and give honor to the One who made me. God has always been there for me. He never fails to strengthen me, provide everything that I need, guide me, hold me in His hands, embrace me in times I needed comfort, laugh with me, and lead me to the right path. My friends and family are always there for me and I thank God for giving me those fantastic people in my life. But above them all is Him, my God, and my constant companion. He is not just a Father to each and every one of us but He can also be our friend whom we can share all our perils. He loves us so much that He even sacrificed His life to save us and redeem us from all our sins! John 3:16, alright? :)

My gosh, my paragraph is already not coinciding to the title. HAHA! That's just it! My words are just not enough to describe this overwhelming feeling I have. Anyways, back to the title, I'm completely terrified as I was realizing this phrase. "You are not getting any younger!" Honestly, I feel horrible! Imagining that I am a totally grown up woman makes me really shiver! It's like "Oh gosh! I'm not through with my teenage life! Can I have some rewind, please?" hihi.. But then I know that the only constant in this world is change and I have to go with the flow, or else I might miss out. I am more than thankful to all the people who journeyed with me. Your life is such an inspiration for me to continue living and always give my best shot. My family and friends having no price tags but are very much expensive, valuable and I can't even afford to lose every one of you...

God is always right behind, in front, above, side by side, ALL AROUND US!
God bless and I love you ... 

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