Sabado, Pebrero 26

I kept thinking .............

Well, as I was thinking about this all day long, I've come to realized that I should give a chance. Maybe this time, it would be another way around. However, if this given chance would still be useless and would still continue to hurt me, then, I think it would be time to stop the martyrdom.

Even how much you value the person, even how much affection you have for him/her, when we burst and explode it would be the end of everything.

I just hope they will not waste the chances that we're giving because there might come a time that regrets instead of happiness will take over unto them.

I've also come to realized that it's better not to deeply hold and rely to the affection you're feeling to someone, it's better to not give our all 100% love so that from the moment that an ending will take its place, it would not be that throbbing for us to let go.  

We should know how to handle things around us. We should not let it ruin our future plans, and we should not let those things govern us. Let yourself and God govern each and every step and decisions we make.

Don't just rely to other people because they might be a temporary persons in our life. They ought to teach us lesson and at the same time, hurt us. Someday, those temporary people in our life will go, leaving us unattended with memories so sweet. Memories that will keep hunting us 'till the midst of letting go takes place.

Let us learn from our mistake. We can give chances but if you think it's enough, it's enough! Let us say what we mean, and mean it! Let not others think that we're very easy, and we're not sticking into our own words. Respect them, and they will respect you back. As the saying goes,
"Do unto others what you want others do unto you..."

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