Sabado, Pebrero 26


Trust is very important in a relationship. When I say relationship, it comprises each and everyone of us. The unity and peacefulness signifies the trust that is imposed in that relationship. We get hurt and feel so much pain when we found out that somebody has lied to us or has broken the trust we have give to them. That is why it’s really very important to take care of that reliance because once it’s gone; it would be hard to gain it back.

                        I know for sure when I say “relationship”, some of you might be generally assumed about a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but it’s not only about that. It’s a relationship of everybody whether a friend, family, country, lover, and a relationship of ourselves. It encompasses a connection between two or more people.

                        For sure a lot of us have experienced being betrayed, lied, took for granted by somebody who means a lot to us. It is indeed very painful. In a sudden, we got to look at the blank wall while reminiscing the joyful moments with that person. In a while, we come to think of why they ever hurt our feelings. We became transparent by what we feel and we ca also be just so naïve, showing only the façade of us to cover the hurt feelings we have inside. We suddenly became so disorganized and our mind is in chaos. When we’re depressed, some of us pour all the despair we’re going trough by eating that’s why we gained so much weight and became obese. Or we became too melancholic and forgot to eat and became anorexic. But kidding aside, even how much we want to forget the pain, it will just become an echoing voice that keeps coming back our mind and that we just can’t keep it from shutting up. We cry and became so regretful.

                        Even how much that person wants to claim our trust back, we just can’t give it back immediately. We may forgive them but it’s actually very different unlike before. We wanted to trust them but we just can’t help ourselves from having some doubt upon them. Trusting them again would be so hard to do. We don’t want to get hurt again that’s why we’ve became very careful.

                        If everyone knows how to keep a good relationship the there would be no quarrels, chaotic minds trembling and leveling up their pride. Life would be worth living, smiles would be very visible to everybody, and love can be felt really..

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