Biyernes, Marso 4

Look Who's Crying!

"Dammit!" That's just what I always say whenever I feel the tears rolling within my cheeks. It sucks to see someone like my age crying! But I guess I felt more than an idiot whenever I cry.  
It's okay to cry because it gives you a bit of a relief. Our heart consumes so much energy whenever we cry and I think crying is also a way of exercising our heart (well except for those who have heart problems).. Whenever we feel lonesome and sad and we just can't bear anything that is happening in our life, we can call a friend or somebody who can give comfort to us. However, if we're just shy enough to show to other people our crying times, we can find a quiet and empty place where we could burst out all our sadness and pain. If you want to shout, just SHOUT! It feels good to shout. It ceases the pain.

As for me, if Mom's not home and I'm home alone, I just go to my room, lights off, hugging my teddy bear, and my face cupped with a pillow, and then I shout and burst all my pain and weariness. After that, I'll immediately get to the mirror and look at myself. I'll make realizations and reflections regarding the problem I have. I also even cry in front of a mirror. Crazy it may seem but it actually works! 

Well, that's how I do it. I just hate crying in front of people.

As you can see, it makes so much dirt on my face! ^^ lol

Cry if you want to! It makes a good feeling after.
Just make sure that after you cry, you'll make a good possible outcome of your problem. Don't just set yourself for just crying. Make a move!


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