Sabado, Marso 5

A Wish for You and Me

Every so often we had misunderstandings, quarrels, and other bothering things happening in us. However, I hope that we still continue to hang on with each other. I know that there are times when giving up seemed to be next in line but let's just talk, and figure how to fix things out. 

It's quite normal in a relationship to face challenges but it's up with the people on how they will manage it. Let's not give chances for challenges to beat us in our way, let's face it with all our might, hand in hand, and with the grace of God.

Isn't it nice to hear that couple still stand together even the test of time? Good relationships in the world are not those with always happy happenings but those who have been molded  by challenges and trials but still they are together, not giving up. 

Let us also be sensitive enough of the feelings of our partner. If you think you're doing is not proper anymore or would create a doubt then better not do it because it might create a disaster.

Well, it's so okay in a relationship to still have in contact with other friends even with an opposite sex, but still be careful. In a couple, the relationship to lasts is to trust each other, so never ever try to break it.Well, there will be limitations in terms of the range of interaction and closeness.

The feeling of being in love is such a wonderful thing on earth! Let's not waste it by having so much doubts. But of course, in order to have  no doubt, show that you can be trusted. It's just a matter of give and take.


I wish that our connection from
each other would last. Let's
avoid bitterness and pain. 

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