Sabado, Marso 12


I remember the days
When it was you and me
We were so happy
Hidden feelings slowly came out
Of its pearly shell made out of love.

Glittering lights shown in my eyes
If I have you in my sight
The bumping feeling of my thumping heart
We grasp some words to start.

Sending sweet messages,
Saving them in the drafts
Reading them all over
And I feel a full blast.

Everytime I hear “You’re mine”
It makes me feel cloud nine
Thank you for the pouring love I get
If only it’s us, my mate.

This is just one of my poem composition.. I've come after this poem when I was going to school. I was still in the passenger seat when I noticed two teens, highschool, a male and a female. It seemed like they are still shy with each other but I can see their sweetness and affection between each other. And it had let me remember of my past .....

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