Sabado, Marso 19

The Process

For the second time around and for the same person, I've been in total distress like this. However, now I have to make a final decision. I just really have to let go of him. Even though it so throbbing but I just have to. It's also for my own sake anyway. I have to get up and realize that I have to live my life in a different way right now. I surely do love him but if I slowly lose myself for loving him then I have to give up and think of myself now.This process of moving on will be so much painful but what can I just do? if I'd continue this then I might wake up one day feeling only the throbbing pain and pain alone instead of love. 

I know somewhere somehow God has made a plan for me. If me and this guy didn't made it then someone out there might come and give the purest love I could get. A love that is unconditional and happy. A love that would give me pain but would cover me with all the happiness in the world. Because really Love comes together with Pain. I would now be willing to embrace pain if I know that me and my partner will hold on together. 

Sometimes, I know that I have this "attitude" of giving up and breaking up with someone but I am really just giving that someone an opportunity to prove to me how much he loves me. How much he would take risk just to win me back, because I believe that it takes too much emotion and effort for a guy to prove that he really loves a girl. 

I love him so much but I think I really have to let go now. Now, it's final and I think irrevocable. Hmmmnn.. If only he would make a move and let me feel that I am loved then I'd surely give him chance. A chance not only to win me back but a chance that will continue until all tomorrow's ends. 


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